Face ID fails the mask test-again

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This time around, Bkav security researchers note that they used a 3D mask made out of stone powder along with 2D infrared printouts of eyes. The security firm suggested that only very high-profile iPhone X users-politicians, for example-should be wary of this kind of hacking threat, and that everyday users should not panic too much about 3D printed masks.

By this point, the iPhone X Face ID has been bested on numerous occasions, one of which was conducted by Bkav Corp.

But just because Face ID is successful, it doesn't mean that it has no problems at all. iPhone has placed great trust in the Face ID technology and has associated many features of general applications and also the overall User Experience with Face ID.

Bkav names this new mask "the artificial twin", since this research has shown that the way an iPhone X unlocked by the mask is similar to by twins.

Meanwhile, Apple also demonstrates how Face ID adapts as your face evolves - whether it is due to new glasses, makeup, or hairstyle: iPhone X recognises you, even when you change your look. "Face ID is even attention-aware".

As we enter the busy holiday shopping season, Apple on November 27 released four video advertisements on YouTube, promoting its flagship - the iPhone X, the company's most advanced and expensive smartphone so far.

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The mask was developed using a 3D printer and stone powder, with the eyes made of 2D infrared images that were glued to the model.

As we all know Face ID is the only biometric authentication feature on the iPhone, because the device lacks the Touch ID and dedicated home button on the front.

"About 2 weeks ago, we recommended that only very important people such as national leaders, large corporation leaders, billionaires, etc. should be cautious when using Face ID".

In the video, seen below, Bkav's demonstrator sets up Face ID normally with his face and shows that "Require Attention for Face ID" is enabled in Settings.

It unlocked flawlessly twice in a row for the mask, which sounds worrying, and indeed Bkav reckons that based on this users shouldn't use Face ID to secure sensitive data or in business transactions.