Trump Expressed Disbelief At Ivanka's Criticism Of Roy Moore

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Just as Trump has installed a climate-chage denier as Environmental Protection Agency chief and a women who wants to privatize public education as Education secretary, surely work can be found for Moore as head of Child Protective Services somewhere in the United States.

On Tuesday, Trump said "We don't need a liberal Democrat in that seat", indicating he stood by an endorsement of Moore made before the revelations about him pursuing teenagers. Meanwhile, his Democratic opponent Doug Jones has risen in the polls ahead of the December 12 special election. "When they chose Roy Moore, they knew that the Left would be coming at him with everything they had". More women have since spoken out with allegations of their own. "If you look at what is really going on. he totally denies it. He says it didn't happen".

Speaking in a recent interview, GOP Rep. Scott Taylor (VA 2 District) said that he would have broken the face and finger of Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore if it was his daughter Moore was accused of sexually assaulting.

Even Donald Trump has weighed in on the controversy, saying that people should vote for Moore because Doug Jones, who convicted the Klansmen who killed 4 girls when they bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala, is "soft on crime".

Meanwhile, the Democrat in the Senate race is spotlighting Moore's accusers in a new ad.

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Ivanka Trump also said she had "no reason to doubt the victims' accounts", a different position than the one taken by President Trump. "All I know is what I've seen", Taylor said.

Mr Moore, 70, has denied any wrongdoing.

Hillyer, a Never-Trump conservative, said Trump deserves the credit for the booming economy.

In September, Mr Trump supported Mr Moore's opponent, Senator Luther Strange, in the Republican primary race for the open US Senate seat vacated by Attorney-General Jeff Sessions.

Faye Gary, a former police officer told MSNBC that everyone in the small Alabama town was aware of Moore's preference for young girls. They are eager to hold on to that advantage to pass Mr Trump's legislative agenda on taxes, healthcare and other priorities.