Paramedics stop at the beach to grant patient a dying wish

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Instead of the ambulance taking her to hospital they went to the church and wheeled her into the church on a stretcher.

It wasn't the first time the pair had met the woman in her 70s. After going the beach and opening the rear door, we asked her if would like an ice cream, to which she replied "yes" with a giggle of delight.

"It was basically a journey back to her home where she was going to pass away at home", Graeme said.

Rather than take her straight to her final destination, the drivers made a decision to grant her wish, and stopped at Hervey Bay to let her see the ocean.

According to, the moment was captured by paramedic Danielle Kellan and Graeme Cooper, the other paramedic transporting the patient, was seen standing alongside the wheelchair.

"Many years ago a very close friend was getting married and on the day of her wedding her mother collapsed as she had terminal cancer", another Facebook user wrote. When she saw them again, she told Cooper and Kellam, "I'm at peace", the Courier Mail reported.

"However, I turned around and saw the next best thing and brought the ocean to her".

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Cooper and the female patient were photographed as they were looking out over the waters at Hervey Bay.

The woman was able to reach into the bag and feel, smell and taste the beach. "That's why I took the photo, but it's also what we do".

'What a attractive yet sad story but one that highlights everything good about our community, ' one woman said.

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"We don't take the time to take in the smell of the roses and look at the beauty around us".