Facebook Messenger now supports 4K photos

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They were eagerly waiting for a way to send high resolution photos over the Messenger and they are not blessed with the update which will allow them to send and receive high resolution images.

You can see the difference 4K makes in the image below.

The only prerequisite for sending high-res images to your buddies is updating your Facebook Messenger app on either Android or iOS and then proceeding like you'd normally do - there are no fancy-shmancy toggles or switches involved.

While Facebook's announcement today suggests that this is peer-to-peer photo messaging, it's unclear whether it also applies to its ephemeral tool formerly known as Messenger Day. Photography combined with connectivity means that its easy to share these photos with our friends and family and that's often through Facebook's Messenger. Higher resolution won't take more time to share.

The new update is already rolling out to Messenger users in various markets across the globe, starting with North America, the UK, France, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Japan. Soon, all Messenger users will be able to send pictures at 4K resolution.

Facebook Messenger now supports 4K photos
Facebook Messenger now supports 4K photos

Paypal has announced that it has extended its partnership with Facebook by introducing its new Invoicing Extension feature within Facebook Messenger.

As we mentioned above, the giant has shared a bunch of examples which show us the difference between the 2K images and the new 4K images.

If you are now in one of those countries listed, head on to the Play Store or App Store to update your Messenger app to the latest version.

Over the coming weeks, users in additional countries will be able to do the same.

The announcement comes just over a year after the two firms initially partnered to allow consumers to link their Paypal accounts to Facebook, enabling them to shop on Messenger.

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