Valkyria Chronicles 4 Announced Worldwide

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The beloved Valkyria Chronicles series makes its grand return westward in 2018 with Valkyria Chronicles 4, a new mainline chapter in the saga for PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch™, and Xbox One™. As a last-ditch attempt at capturing the Imperial Capital, the Federation decides to initiate Operation Northern Cross.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will also bring back the BLiTZ battle system, which blends strategy, RPG, and real-time third-person shooter elements.

Its story is something of a soft reboot for the franchise - Valkyria Chronicles 4 takes place around the same time as Valkyria Chronicles 1, although the action focuses on a fresh set of characters.

Claude Wallace's Squad E consists of engineer Riley Miller, "hotheaded" Darcsen Raz, sniper Kai Schulen, and several others working through the harsh and unforgiving cold and the horrors of war.

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Visually the game looks pretty good, but it's probably one of the few games that probably would benefit from being in 4K, which is definitely possible on PC... if it were coming to PC.

Though Sega did not reveal much in the way of gameplay, we will likely see more news and footage from Valkyria Chronicles 4 in the coming weeks. The Valkyria Chronicles series started in 2008 with a release on the PS3, and then continued with two more games on the PSP, finally followed up by a PS4 spin-off earlier this year. The game is not yet rated by the ESRB.

Announcing and hyping up what Sega is saying to be the best game in the series, Valkyria Chronicles now has a "4" next to its name.