HTC shows its standalone Vive Focus VR headset

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Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, the Focus headset offers six-degree-of-freedom tracking for world scale VR. It will run on Vive Wave, which is the content platform already setup by the company.

HTC has also announced that is abandoning the development of Daydream VR headset and it appears it is putting all of its eggs into China market as, according to HTC's Vice President Raymond Pao statement for, it appears that the company now have no plans to take the Vive Wave platform outside of China. Currently, the manufacturer does not inform the release date and the cost of stand-alone virtual reality helmet Vive Focus. The headset also comes with a 3-degrees-of-freedom controller. The Vive Focus has a completely different design when compared to the PC-based HTC Vive with new adjustable straps and integrated headphones.

The Vive Wave, as an open platform for virtual reality content, will look to bring together the fragmented mobile virtual reality market in China. It was unveiled through Vive Developers Conference that was held in Beijing, China. The company still has not released all of the details about the device, probably because it is still polishing off the specs and determining things like launch price.

HTC shows its standalone Vive Focus VR headset
HTC shows its standalone Vive Focus VR headset

One of the primary areas of concern and application for the HTC Vive Focus will be in the educational segment. Secondly, there are 35 Chinese and other content developerswho plan to support the Vive Wave. Developers will be able to publish directly to a store tied to the headset itself. Just like how content can be viewed differently on a Cardboard than on a VR headset.

Also the game developer is satisfied with HTC's new developments.

Facebook's Oculus revealed this is breathing down the neck of the rest of the very small VR hardware market which are expensive and encountered loss products that don't leave a ton of room for other companies hoping to make cash on hardware.

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