Russia Used Video Game Screenshots to "Prove" the US Is Assisting ISIS

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Russian Federation re-published the video writing, "The U.S. are actually covering the ISIS combat units to recover their combat capabilities, redeploy, and use them to promote the American interests in the Middle East".

Earlier on Tuesday, the ministry posted a statement on its Facebook page saying the USA air force had tried to hinder Russian strikes on Islamic State militants, accompanied by satellite photographs it said showed a vehicle convoy of Islamic State militants leaving the Syrian town of Albu Kamal on November 9 2017.

Russia's Ministry of Defense ended up the target of derision after releasing an image it claimed to be "proof" that the U.S. military forces were working with supposed Islamic State soldiers.

"British researcher Eliot Higgins of investigative site Bellingcat was among the first to find a YouTube clip of "Special Ops Squadron" showing that Russia's defense ministry shared a cropped screenshot as an "irrefutable" proof", evidenced most clearly by identical text appearing in both the video game footage and Moscow's photo of the Islamic State convoy.

The ministry claimed the image showed an IS convoy leaving a Syrian town last week aided by USA forces.

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The Russian Ministry of Defence has used a videogame screenshot to accuse the United States of cooperating with ISIS.

The defence ministry told Russian news agencies on Tuesday evening it was "carrying out checks on a civilian employee who mistakenly added photographs to the ministry's statement".

The Conflict Intelligence Team fact-checking group said the other four provided were also errors, taken from a June 2016 video which showed the Iraqi Air Force attacking IS in Iraq.

Another one is a consistent with a slightly edited screengrab from a 2015 promotional video for a gunship simulator video game.

Earlier this year Russian media accused President Vladimir Putin of passing off footage of the American military fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan as the efforts of Russia's air force in Syria during a television interview.