Donna Brazile paints deplorable view of Hillary Clinton

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But she delayed her principles until after the election, in which she and her party were rejected by the American people because we already knew of Hillary's absolute crookedness.

She added, "Don't make me cry this morning".

"He was my child", Brazile said.

Host Mark Thompson followed up by noting that Brazile wrote in her book that she feels responsible for Rich's death.

"I found no evidence that the quote-unquote primary was rigged", Brazile said, explaining that she instead found evidence that the Clinton campaign was in control of certain parts of the DNC before Clinton won the primary. "What you didn't know is they got our voter files", Brazile said. She said her concerns about a lack of resources for party activists on the ground in swing states like MI and Wisconsin were shrugged off at Clinton's Brooklyn headquarters. Bernie Sanders was "fair".

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Brazile also answered a question about the accusations that she gave Hillary Clinton debate questions in advance.

Brazile, a longtime party strategist, was thrust into the DNC leadership position in July 2016 amid party turmoil and leaked emails showing committee staffers mocking Sanders and his campaign. But do these off-year election results mean a true comeback for the Democratic party?

"I've loved Donna Brazile for many years, I really respect her, but she pulled a faux pas in this election and I'm not sure that I've forgiven her for it", said Farhner. "I think she could have done more when things were unfolding", said Nicole Erazo, a Bernie Sanders supporter from New Jersey.

Brazile admits that President Trump was right: The Democratic primary was rigged. Is this unprecedented abuse of a Democrat big-wig because Ms Brazile's a woman who has gotten too pushy, or because of her dark skin color and the fact that she has gotten uppity with her white handlers? "I want them to scoot over", Brazile said.