Google Makes Its Secret Files Go App Available for Download

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But it doesn't get the job done or to put it simply, it is just not a File Manager.

To solve this issue, it looks like Google is working on a new application called Files Go. Till then, here is our initial impressions of the app. In fact, according to Netflix: "If you leave the testing program and a public version of the app is available, you can switch to public version by uninstalling the testing version and installing the app again on Google Play".

The Files Go app has a convenient interface that comes with two tabs - Storage and Files. Now there is a bunch of stuff shown here. At the top, you'll see the filled and total storage space of your device. Read on to learn about Files Go and the cool things this soon-to-be-released app can do for you. To share the files, you and the receiver needs to tap the receive button. I couldn't locate the root folder which you would find on most of the File Managers. The file sharing feature in the app is similar to Apple's AirDrop, it lets you send or receive files with nearby Android devices through Bluetooth. The primary focus of the phone is to free up space on your phone, but it can also help keep your device organised, and it can recommend apps, spam, and duplicate files to remove so that your phone stays in tiptop shape. This feature is really handy if you have or want a file that is too big to share via email, such as a video file.

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The company quietly announced the wider beta opening of Files Go this morning, via a tweet. The app was being tested as a pilot app on some Android devices a while back as part of the Early Access Program.

Though early speculation was that Files Go was being aimed at emerging markets, we understand it's on track for a global launch, starting in December. It will diminish the need for WIFI or mobile data to transfer files amongst friends and family.