Bodyguard Reveals More Details About Trump Accusations Involving Russian Escorts

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A former Trump bodyguard told members of Congress that a Russian operative offered to "send five women" to Donald Trump's Moscow hotel room after a 2013 business meeting, but the Trump camp turned the offer down.

Schiller said he viewed the offer as a joke, and responded that they "don't do that type of stuff". At a press conference weeks before taking office, Trump said that he tells his staff before overseas trips, including to Russian Federation, to "be very careful" in their hotel rooms because "you're gonna probably have cameras", and that they could end up on the news if they weren't cautious. Schiller said they laughed about it and Trump went to bed alone.

One of the three sources recalled that Schiller testified he eventually left Trump's hotel room door, then could not speak to what happened throughout that night.

Schiller reportedly testified that he talked to Trump about the offer as the two walked back to Trump's hotel room.

The existence of the famed Russian "pee tape" may remain shrouded in mystery, but a former bodyguard for President Donald Trump reportedly has confirmed Trump was given the opportunity to host five women in his Moscow hotel room in 2013.

US, AT&T at odds over CNN in $85B Time Warner deal
But investors and politicians have raised concerns that the Justice Department could be feeling pressure from the Oval Office. Some sources say AT&T floated the possibility of selling CNN or other assets.

"This conduct is indefensible and calls into question the credibility and motives of the Committee's investigation", attorney Stuart Sears said of the leaks.

"We are appalled by the leaks that are coming from partisan insiders from the House Intelligence Committee", Sears said.

Buzzfeed burst open the dam during the election by publishing the skeezy Trump dossier (because, hey, they also publish huge cat gifs posts, so why not?), which was conducted by former British spook Christopher Steele at the behest of Trump-oppo firms like The Washington Free Beacon (of all places), CNN, as well as the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign. "The versions of Mr. Schiller's testimony being leaked to the press are blatantly false and misleading", the lawyer said.

Schiller, who is one of Trump's closest confidants, left the White House in September after serving as director of Oval Office Operations.