Chipmakers Intel and AMD announce historic partnership to better compete with Nvidia

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In an announcement earlier today, Intel and AMD have revealed they are indeed working together for a brand-new Core processor which will be equipped with Radeon graphics.

The laptop chip-part of the 8th Gen Intel Core family-will bring together Intel's Core H-series processor, second generation High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2), and a custom graphics chip from AMD's Radeon Technologies Group, all in a single processor, according to a Monday blog post from Christopher Walker, vice president of Intel's Client Computing Group and general manager of the Mobile Client Platform.

AMD explains that it has "designed a semi-custom graphics processor unit (GPU) that will be integrated into a new Intel multi-chip processor package". Users can expect to hear more regarding the new processor alongside products powered by it within the first quarter of 2018. While Intel has always been the dominant player in the PC chip market, leaving AMD in second place for decades, it hasn't been successful in the graphics chip market. EMIB stands for Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge, and in-use it can facilitate thinner than ever SoCs, while reducing design complexity.

"At the heart of this new design is EMIB, an intelligent bridge that allows heterogeneous silicon to quickly pass information in extremely close proximity". EMIB eliminates height impact as well as manufacturing and design complexities, enabling faster, more powerful and more efficient products in smaller sizes. It included facilities to manage temperature, power delivery and performance states in real time and adjust performance balance depending upon tasks.

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Intel and AMD will collaborate to develop a chip powering the thin and lightweight laptops, which are fit for playing complex video-games. We had a good laugh seeing that Intel's PR is quoting AMD's Scott Herkelman, an ex-Nvidia Geforce guy. Intel has been a dominant player in the PC chip market, but in the graphics chip market, it has not seen much success. However, it seems Intel are targeting a higher performance bracket than AMD are with Raven Ridge, looking instead to replace their reliance on Nvidia discrete GPUs for performance mobile graphics.

In recent years, Nvidia has also become a bigger threat to Intel over selling its chips to the datacenter machine-learning market. Also, the deal with Intel would mean more revenue for AMD as well, notes The WSJ.

Both AMD and Intel told PCWorld that the product of AMD-Intel will be an "evolution" of Intel's 8th-generation, H-series Core chips with the capability to preserve battery life.