Mobile, Sprint call off merger attempt

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Now sources are back saying that T-Mobile is scrambling to save the deal, and that it has sent revised terms to Sprint in hopes that something can be worked out.

In a joint statement, the third- (T-Mobile) and fourth-largest (Sprint) wireless carriers in the USA explained that they were unable to agree on the terms of a deal.

Reuters also speculated that the atypical nature of Saturday's joint statement may signify that the two companies are trying to preserve a relationship and sustain the possibility of an eventual return to talks. That changed today when T-Mobile CEO John Legere and Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure both said that there won't be any deal.

AT&T's offer to buy T-Mobile in 2011 was spiked and the same regulators signaled in 2014 they would have been against Sprint doing the same thing. The company had eyed the Deutsche Telekom company as a way to grow its own footprint in the USA and take on the two big carriers in the nation, AT&T and Verizon.

Earlier this week, sources claimed SoftBank's board had made a decision to call off the Sprint-T-mobile merger, the reason being an inability to work out ownership terms with T-Mobile's Deutsche Telekom. "However, we have been clear all along that a deal with anyone will have to result in superior long-term value for T-Mobile's shareholders compared to our outstanding standalone performance and track record".

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The long-sought merger reportedly fell apart because SoftBank was unhappy with the latest terms, which would have given Deutsche Telekom majority ownership of both carriers. But with the new Trump administration, it was thought regulators might be more relaxed about a merger.

Sprint parent company Softbank is reportedly chatting up Charter Communications about a possible merger, amid indications that Sprint's merger deal with T-Mobile US has tanked.

Sprint "look [s] forward to continuing to take the fight to the duopoly and newly emerging competitors", Claure said.

T-Mobile, on the other hand, is still the fastest growing and most innovative carrier in the states.