Hanzo and Alexstrasza Are the Next Heroes

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At BlizzCon today, HOTS' senior producer Kaeo Milker announced that Overwatch's Hanzo is coming to the MOBA in December, joining the half dozen other Overwatch heroes in the game.

Hanzo isn't the first character from Overwatch to join Heroes of the Storm.

Alexstrasza from World of Warcraft feels more exciting and challenging. It only lasts for six seconds, but it still feels incredible to unleash those dragon powers and turn around a team fight, especially since the rest of the time, Alexstrasza has to hang back and heal her comrades.

Hanzo, the Master Assassin, will hopefully not avoid quite as many objectives as he does in Overwatch.

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The addition of Alexstrasza and Hanzo is the latest in a series of ongoing updates in Heroes of the Storm. The "Dragons of the Nexus" page describes her as "A durable Ranged Support who transforms into a mighty dragon". It's likely that he'll also have an ability that reflects his range as a bowman, allowing him to fire an arrow a huge distance in a line. His Dragonstrike Heroic ability summons the same ghostly Spirit Dragons that appear as his Overwatch Ultimate. This update will also include changes to stealth heroes, a new camera perspective, a tweaked early game, and updated mercenaries.

Blizzcon is underway and with it, we have a chance to see a lot of new announcements for Blizzard games.

This update is coming as part of the Heroes of the Storm 2018 gameplay update. Blizzard has also promised upgrades to the voice chat system and the matchmaking process.