PM Modi accuses Congress of supporting those who want Azadi in Kashmir

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He said, position of Congress with regard to Azadi or greater autonomy for Jammu and Kashmir goes directly contrary to India's national interest.

PM's remark came a day after P Chidambaram said that most people of Kashmir want autonomy. He said, "They (Pakistan) have been sending terrorists and (have) also inflicted some wars", the senior BJP leader said.

"The Congress party will have to answer on this remark".

He further said the people who do politics over soldiers' sacrifice can not contribute to the welfare of the country. "The true colours of the Congress have been revealed", he said.

"It also appears to be a part of a sinister design to derail the sustained dialogue process initiated by the (Union) government to find a final and lasting solution to the imbroglio", Gupta said.

"The fact is that the NC and the Congress have nothing concrete to offer to the people of Kashmir except false promises and dubious political machinations to ensure that the pot continues to boil in Kashmir", BJP State Spokesperson Brigadier (Retd) Anil Gupta said in a statement here. Veteran freedom fighter Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel played a pivotal role in the unification of India.

"The country's soldiers have sacrificed their lives every moment for the sake of security of the motherland and innocent citizens of Kashmir". There would not be a state in the country from where fearless soldiers have not laid down their lives for Kashmir. They don't have any shame in saying this.

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Modi said the country had no hope or expectations from the Congress.

"The demand in the Kashmir Valley is to respect in letter and spirit Article 370". My interactions in Jammu and Kashmir led me to the conclusion that when they ask for (independence), most people - I am not saying all - (an) overwhelming majority want autonomy. "This is an insult to our courageous soldiers", PM Modi is quoted to have said. "Those who criticise must read the whole answer and tell me which word in the answer was wrong". "The PM is imagining a ghost and attacking it", he told PTI. Yesterday, Chidambaram made headlines after he stated that the government must consider areas to give autonomy to J&K. He had warned otherwise the country will have to pay a "heavy price". The Congress said that the opinion of an individual is not necessarily the opinion of the party.

"This is an insult to our courageous soldiers", PM Modi said at a public meeting in Karnataka capital Bengaluru, linking Mr Chidambaram's remarks to the party's response to last year's surgical strikes at terrorist camps across the line of control in Pakistan".

"The entire world saw what happened in the Doklam issue".

Union Minister Smriti Irani too slammed the senior Congress leader over his statement on Kashmir. He termed the Congress the "architect of the present mess" in the state.

"Should the Congress use the language shamelessly which is used by the separatists in Kashmir", Modi asked.