Google will now automatically search from your location regardless of domain used

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Now the choice of country service will no longer be indicated by domain but instead would be served by the country service that corresponds to one's location.This means that typing the relevant ccTLD in one's browser would no longer bring one to the various country services-this preference now needs to be managed directly in settings.

Google product manager Evelyn Kao has written a blog post announcing the said update, stressing the new method it uses in offering search results on iOS phones and desktop as well as Google Maps. For example, even if you are now domain, still you will get the info of the country you are now in. This is emphasized in the case of travelers, where users will automatically get local results for the country they're visiting, and then return to seeing results based on their home when they return. And when you move to some other country, Google will automatically change the country service and again back to the United States when you return. The results will be related to your current location (New York). Now, Google will base global search results on your location.

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Overall, the motive of Google here is providing the best services to it's users. The reason is that every fifth request to the search engine associated with the actual location of the person. In a quest to make searches "more local and relevant", the California-based company has replaced country code top-level domain (ccTLD) with the location as the basis to provide search results.

Google will automatically detect when you go overseas and serve you search results tailored for your new location. However previously users were able to circumvent this by going to a different Google top level domain, like,,, to try and get search results in that particular country.