Jeff Bezos Is Now the World's Richest Person

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Jeff Bezos, the head of Amazon, is now the world's richest person after his fortune soared by $10 billion yesterday. Jeff Bezos is on track to become the richest person on the planet. If the share gains hold through today's close, Bezos will top the index for the first time. According to Forbes list of World's Billionaires, Bezos now sits at the top of the richest list with a net worth of a colossal $93.1 billion while Bill Gates lies at the second spot with $90 billion.

Today, the super-rich of the world took advantage of Amazon's better-than-expected earnings report to gobble up more of the only place big money can be made these days: the future.

Bezos also led the way on a morning that lifted the fortunes of some of the richest technology billionaires in the U.S. by a combined US$17 billion. Microsoft stock climbed about $6 a share, so Gates added nearly $600 million to his personal wealth.

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Bezos, 53, has added US$18.1 billion to his fortune this year.

Amazon reported some very impressive third quarter earnings recently, with a little bit more than three quarters of a billion dollars earned over the course of just three months, and as a result the company was blessed with a 13.5 percent jump in stock market value on Friday. Gates owned 103 million shares as of September, according to FactSet.