Teen involvement in deadly crashes sees significant decrease

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports about a quarter of the teen drivers involved in fatal crashes had been drinking alcohol.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens ages 15 - 18 nationally.

"What we want teens to do is to make sure they're not getting involved in unnecessary conversations, not pulling the driver's attention away from the road to look at something else, or text or answer a phone", Nasworthy said.

AAA encourages parents, educators and teens themselves to discuss the dangers of driving impaired and distracted. Past year 124 teens died in fatal crashes in Ohio.

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Speeding is a common way that young drivers get into wrecks.

The CHP also works with Impact Teen Drivers, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives through evidence-based educational programs that support good decision-making strategies behind the wheel.

Automotive trainer at AAA Mike Brown said 75 percent of teen crashes happen between 9 and midnight, changing the nighttime supervision hours just makes sense. "The extraordinarily high teen crash rates are unacceptable and it is our core mission to save lives", says Charlie Klauer, a research scientist and the leader of the Teen Risk and Injury Prevention Group at Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

The CHP is aware of the importance of role models in a youth's development. "That way, we can provide the guidance and best practices teen drivers need to stay safe on the roads", says Klauer.