Here's How Carrie Fisher Got Even With A Predatory Producer

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The late, great Carrie Fisher is once again posthumously in the news for being the baddest chick in the game.

Ross says she was introduced to the producer online and set up a meeting in person to talk about upcoming projects they could work on together.

In life, Carrie Fisher was long known for her outspoken criticism of Hollywood and a refusal to conform to the celebrity culture. Talking to 94.9's Morning Mix, Fisher's friend Heather Robinson (an entertainment industry pro) recalled an incident in which her pal friend stood up for her in an unusual - and bloody - way. Heather said Carrie told her she went into his office and placed a box wrapped in wrapping paper and a white bow on his desk. Unfortunately, as Mayim Bialik wrote in her questionable op-ed about sexual assault, it's not a ideal world - so women should stop being naïve and take a page out of Fisher's book.

Many have felt the absence of Carrie Fisher since her untimely passing in December 2016, but her legacy as a fearless defender of women continues to thrive. Defending her friend against an Oscar-winning producer was a risk to both Fisher's career and reputation.

As you may already know by now, issues of sexual assault, harassment, and intimidation have become hot-button problems after allegations came to the surface against Harvey Weinstein. "I thought I did something wrong".

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Ross said Fisher's actions were a huge relief for her, and that it was "validating" to know that Princess Leia wasn't "just a fake Hollywood friend".

Plus, Ross's memories of #CarrieFisher remind us of just what an fantastic woman she was.

Fisher would not have such behaviour and she took matters into her own hands by hand-delivering a gift-wrapped message the producer which Ross revealed contained a cow's tongue. Then she watched him open it. And his left hand was on my chest by my neck, holding me down, ' she added. In fact, I would have been content just being able to meet her just once.

Carrie Fisher attends The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at UCLA, on April 24, 2004 in Westwood, California.

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