Alexa-Equipped Garmin Speak Is Like an Echo Dot for Your Car

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The Alexa-powered Garmin Speak attaches to the windshield. Close in size to an Echo Dot, the Garmin Speak is a 1.5-inch device with an LED illuminated ring and OLED display that can display information like turn-by-turn directions. The Garmin Speak can be controlled with voice commands to Alexa, allowing hands-free access to turn-by-turn Global Positioning System navigation from Garmin.

"Alexa, play "Goin" Mobile' by The Who". Whilst it has been possible to use Alexa from your auto previously by mounting your phone and using the Alexa app, this is the first device that has been designed with this objective in mind.

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The device works alongside the free Garmin Speak app; it syncs with the phone running the app, utilizing the handset's own data connection and abilities. The unit is created to be interacted with using voice, such as asking Alexa to ask Garmin for directions to the nearest grocery store or asking Alexa to play the audiobook you've been listening to. Garmin Speak is available now for $150. Turn-by-turn navigation is packaged with the Speak and doesn't require a subscription.

Garmin this morning announced a new device powered by Amazon's digital brain Alexa for cars that can play music, give directions, read off traffic updates and more. Thanks to Sensory's TrulyHandsfree Alexa trigger, Garmin Speak offers hands-free phone support, including the ability to ignore or accept incoming calls, so users can stash away their smartphones and keep their hands on the steering wheel. Since users get the full range of Alexa skills, they will also be able to control their smart devices at home as well as place orders on Amazon without having to get out of the vehicle.