Last Flight 666 lands in HEL last time on Friday the 13th

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But today will be the last time that Flight 666 will fly to HEL, as the airline has chose to retire the flight number, about 11 years after it started.

Simon Barrette, communications manager at Finnair, told McClatchy that Friday's trip would be the last go-round for flight 666 to HEL, as the company is switching around some flight numbers later this month.

The flight has fallen on Friday the 13th 21 times over its 11-year history. On Oct. 29, AY666 will become AY954.

SIN is the airport code for Singapore Changi International Airport.

The airline took to its Twitter feed to inform fearful passengers needing a short-hop flight from the Danish capital to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport that their days of avoiding the ominous flight are over. "It's only a coincidence for me", he added.

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But for flying professionals, the flight with the bravest passengers in the sky is just another day at the office. If you're scared of the number 666, you may have hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia.

A specific fear of Friday the 13th is called Paraskevidekatriaphobia, which derives from the from the Greek word paraskeví meaning Friday, and dekatria meaning thirteen.

In 2013, during another Friday the 13th flight to HEL, the Associated Press spoke with the pilot guiding the aircraft.

Additionally, Finnair revealed that this isn't the first time they've journey to Helsinki aboard AY666 on Friday the 13th.