Hamas cites progress in Palestinian reconciliation talks

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The two Palestinian factions will meet again in the Egyptian capital next.

Palestine's two political rivals, Hamas and Fatah, agreed on handing over administration of Rafah Crossing Border to the Palestinian Concession Government, according to a press statement Thursday.

"Hamas and Fatah will hold a fresh round of talks in Cairo on December 1 to assess implementation of the agreement", the source said.

A Palestinian man and his daughter walk past a graffiti reading in Arabic "Division" in Gaza City, on September 17, 2017, after Hamas announced it had agreed to steps toward resolving a decade-long split with the Fatah movement and was ready to hold elections. Hamas leaders have said they would not disarm as long as Israel occupies Palestinian land.

Rival groups Hamas and Fatah have reached a preliminary, partial agreement that could pave the way for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to resume governing the Gaza Strip, a decade after Hamas overran the territory, officials close to Egyptian-brokered negotiations said on Thursday.

Local media reports that Mr Abbas is to travel to Gaza in the next few weeks, which would mark his first visit to the Strip in 10 years.

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The figure is however a fraction of the more than 20,000 police officers employed separately by Hamas.

Meanwhile, Egypt invited the convening of a meeting in Cairo on 21/11/2017 for all the Palestinian factions that signed the Palestinian National Accord Agreement on May 4, 2011.

The document was signed by the heads of delegations from both factions.

Fatah officials said the two sides agreed that the Palestinian Authority would take over responsibility for Gaza's border crossings no later than November 1 and that full governing responsibilities would be handed over to the Palestinian Authority by the beginning of December.

The crossing with Egypt may require more time for the handover, with construction work now underway there.

Abbas has tried numerous times without success to fix the rift, in part to counter Israeli assertions that peace negotiations are pointless because he can't ensure that any treaty will also hold in Gaza.