Classic Nintendo Game Boy Is Coming, Trademark Filing Suggests

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Nintendo's nostalgia-fuelled Super NES Classic has been out for less than two weeks, but it's already been hacked to add more games and custom backgrounds. The trademark does also cover "home video game console programs", however, so it will be interesting if this is just Nintendo resigning their properties, or whether some news is forthcoming concerning the handheld that revolutionized the industry. Though numerous categories are not related to the gaming, it may have been included to protect the Nintendo Classic Mini Game Boy brand, notes Kotaku. While North American, European, and Australian retailers received the Super NES Classic Edition in late September, the Mini Super Famicom didn't launch until October 5. You can see the patent below, via a Japanese trademark Twitter bot. "And the portable all-in-one system that doesn't deplete smartphone batteries could prove appealing to new fans", says Fortune.

Since conquering the threat of bankruptcy by making a spectacular comeback during this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Nintendo is determined to live up to the hype by introducing another console for those who would like to go on a more nostalgic road compared to the futuristic Switch. There were 1,049 games released for the handheld, so Nintendo shouldn't have any trouble choosing a couple of dozen. To my mind, the only real question in whether Nintendo will release a retro Game Boy console or a retro N64 console first.

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As with the other Classic consoles, we should also expect this Game Boy to be smaller than the original and to include between 20-30 games. In five months before going out of stock due to heavy demand, the NES Classic sold 2.3 million units, notes Fortune.