Six Reasons Why Raila Bowed Out of the Presidential Race

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Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga has pulled out of October's election re-run.

A police crackdown during three days of protests following the 8 August polls killed at least 37 people, the government-backed Kenya National Commission on Human Rights said in a report released on Monday.

The veteran politician wants the country's Independent and electoral boundaries commission disbanded and leadership replaced before he can participate in the election re-run.

But lawyers for President Uhuru Kenyatta are pointing to regulations that say if there are only two candidates and one drops out after nominations, the remaining candidate is the victor. But Odinga, who leads the National Super Alliance (NASA), says not enough has been done to address the problems.

"Instead, the case for proceeding with the fresh election on 26 October without these changes is being made on the grounds of time constraints", added Odinga.

"He is free to withdraw from the race if he is not interested".

President Uhuru Kenyatta, who officially won by 1.4 million votes, only to have his victory annulled, has accused the Supreme Court of bringing the country close to "judicial chaos".

"To lay a foundation for free, fair, transparent and credible elections, we need broad support for these amendments that the Kenyan people have demanded", he said while addressing supporters in Mombasa.

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"The procedure for nomination of presidential candidates is provided for in the Elections Act of 2011".

The election which saw the announcement of incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta as victor, was annulled by the supreme court and has been re-scheduled for October 26.

Kenyatta termed the decision a "judicial coup".

Furthermore, Odinga argued that the amendments are meant to legalise and regularise the illegalities that led to the invalidation of the August 8 election.

Kenya has been under the grip of unprecedented political crisis since the nullification of presidential elections results, posing new threats to the country's stability, cohesion and economic development.

Kenyatta was displeased with the Supreme Court's ruling calling them crooks.

Odinga addresses the press on Tuesday.

It was a legal challenge by Raila Odinga that prompted the Supreme Court to nullify the results of the August 8 election, won by incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta, citing irregularities.