Elon Musk Releases Video Showing Slow Model 3 Production

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Elon Musk tweeted a video of the Tesla Model 3 assembly line on Sunday. But is it possible?

The delay was caused by Tesla focusing on meeting production demands for its Model 3 sedan and assisting with recovery efforts in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, according to a report by Electrek, a magazine covering the North American electric vehicle market.

And patient they are.

Elon Musk is infamous for proposing huge projects on Twitter, like an underground high-speed tunnel system and the human colonization of Mars. To build an EV they can get to market quickly, build easily, and price below $40,000, other manufacturers are adapting the existing gas-car platform.

Now, Ta'u hosts an entirely renewable solar power- and battery storage-fueled microgrid that can supply nearly 100% of the island's power needs.

Model 3 production was less than anticipated due to "production bottlenecks", says Tesla.

In latest trading session, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) moved down -0.04% with 8.31 Million trading volume. That suggests the Tesla lorry should have better specs than the Cummins - though we'll have to wait to find out how much better. "That's horse and carriage stuff", a veteran manufacturing consultant was quoted saying. Tesla has been trying to do it in months.

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This decision also stems from the company's desire to smooth out the kinks with Model 3 production.

Otto was the brainchild of former Google self-driving car engineer Anthony Levandowski, who was later sued by Googe's self-driving car company, Waymo, for steeling trade secrets and passing them along to Uber. GM by comparison made over 10m vehicles, or 27,000 a day, and generated cash flow of over $20bn.

Tesla reported recently that it has delivered just 220 Model 3s so far, off the pace it had set for itself at this point, and far off the ultimate production goal of 500,000 cars per year'.

Not everyone is convinced. In a 112-page "black book" jumbo analysis on the electric car giant, the analyst finds this tech player a tricky one to watch.

Tesla is certainly not alone in exploring the potential for electric commercial vehicles and is actually behind the competition in this regard. For now, Tesla appears to be running a sort of ongoing beta-test with the Model 3, counting on investor and customer patience.

The race is well and truly on.