South Dakota Guard soldiers activated to help Puerto Rico

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Facebook and Google once aimed to connect the world.

In August, they were increasingly unhappy with "the effort he's making to unify the country" after he blamed "both sides" for the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which a suspected white nationalist drove his auto into a crowd of anti-racist demonstrators. They were among several tech companies proposing disaster response ideas, most aimed at getting phone and internet service up and running. On Sunday, 41 JEA linemen flew from Cecil Airport to San Juan, Puerto Rico to help restore power. "Let's talk", said Governor Ricardo Rossello in a Friday tweet.

"I was having fun", Trump said of his four-hour visit to San Juan, Puerto Rico's capital, last Tuesday. The island left a powerful impression on me, and I hope to return to keep documenting its recovery.

"If there is a place, a locality that is not delivering food to the people of Puerto Rico that need it, there's going to be some hell to pay", Rossello said on Monday, according to Reuters. "There was no part of the 3.5 million people, no part of the island that was not dramatically affected by this".

Devastation of infrastructure could result in critical shortages of common medicines, including Crestor and Humira, produced in Puerto Rico, one of the world's biggest centres for pharmaceutical manufacturing. But that doesn't mean it will able to get them in the air anytime soon.

Catalonian independence: Key points of the plan
Asked if he was ready to trigger article 155, Mr Rajoy told El Pais newspaper: "I don't rule out anything that is within the law". The turnout was just 43 percent of eligible voters as Catalans who prefer to remain in Spain largely boycotted the polls.

"Increasingly painful to [understand] the american people want to help and US Gov does not want to help". The current focus should remain on restoration and relief for Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico needs additional federal funding to avoid a looming Medicaid funding crisis, according to The Hill.

51 Number of Puerto Rico's hospitals that are relying on generator power, compared to 14 hospitals with functioning electricity. Much of the ground work is being spearheaded by nonprofit organizations and small firms with expertise in rural or emergency communications. The few immediate family members I have on the island are alive. Aid workers are pairing Vanu's devices with other technology, such as inflatable satellite antennas. To obtain an eyewitness review of the situation, New York Power Authority President & CEO Gil Quiniones, accompanied by his team of transmission supervisors, engineers and drone pilots traveled on a relief flight to examine the electrical grid.

Under applicable law, Assured Guaranty is permitted to refile the lawsuit, and they said that "if insufficient progress is made in developing a new fiscal plan that complies with PROMESA and respects Assured Guaranty's constitutional, statutory and contractual rights, Assured Guaranty will refile the lawsuit at an appropriate time". "You don't have to announce you've lit up coverage".