Bucky Gleason: UB falls to Western Michigan, 71-68

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The kicker? Ernsberger's sister got kicked out of the game for coming on to the field.

It was a stark change from previous Western Michigan-Buffalo games, the past two of which were shutouts: a 38-0 Broncos win a year ago and a 33-0 Bulls win in 2013.

2 - Western Michigan players over 100 yards rushing; Franklin with 176 and LeVante Bellamy with 131. Western Michigan did not score 71 points in 12 basketball games last season. Drew Anderson threw for 597 yards, a Buffalo record, with seven touchdown passes and a touchdown run. Allison also had an assist for a three-point night, while Dawson DiPietro and Hugh McGing both had two assists.

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Teams are required to go for two-point conversions on touchdowns after the first two overtime periods, which means frequent chances for the teams to land on different point totals and end the game. The Akron Zips come to Kalamazoo for the Homecoming Game this Saturday. "You look him in the eye, he's not rattled one bit, in the seventh overtime, or sixth, or fifth, or fourth". The junior backup hooked up with Kamithi Holsey for 72 yards on their first play from scrimmage, a 64-yard TD to Jacob Martinez, a 53-yard catch and run with Anthony Johnson and a 54-yard gem to K.J. Osborn. It was Ernsberger's second touchdown catch of the year.

"We were locked in because the game was going", Osborn said.

It's not often a football team scores 71 points, and has to rally on its last possession.