Controversial events in the history of TransCanada's Energy East pipeline

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When it was announced in 2013 it was hailed by the oil industry and government as a nation-building project that would unlock Canadian energy exports after years of delay on other pipeline projects including Keystone XL and Enbridge Inc's Northern Gateway.

"Irving Oil wishes to thank the countless organizations, companies and individuals who supported this project and believed in its value for our country", says Whitcomb.

The United Conservatives Interim Party Leader Nathan Cooper questioned the willingness of "Justin Trudeau and the Liberals to loudly champion Energy East and other pipeline projects".

On Thursday TransCanada cancelled the plan, citing its review of "changed circumstances" and said it would take a fourth-quarter C$1 billion after-tax non-cash charge.

In early September, TransCanada asked for a 30-day suspension of its application for the Energy East project.

The premiers of Alberta and New Brunswick say they're disappointed by TransCanada's cancellation of the Energy East pipeline, which would have connected their two provinces.

In August, the NEB announced it would expand its assessment of the project into risks associated with potential accidents and system malfunctions that could cause oil spills.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, the US$15.7-billion pipeline would have transported 1.1 million barrels per day of mostly tar sands oil from Alberta to St. John and would bring a significant increase in carbon pollution-equivalent to the annual emissions of as many as 54 million passenger vehicles-and lock in high-carbon infrastructure expected to operate for at least 50 years. The converted pipeline would have been divided up into 13 sections, with 12 new pump stations and 62 pipeline valves.

"We have a company that committed more than a billion dollars to a project and made earnest efforts to address the concerns of the public and regulators".

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The Eastern Mainland project would have built an additional 279km (175 mile) new gas pipeline in Ontario.

In a statement, TransCanada suggested last month that it might shelve the project overall if the new assessment procedure turns out to be too taxing on costs, schedule, and the viability of the project.

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, who has opposed the pipeline on environmental grounds, said he was thrilled to see it abandoned.

The company suspended its application on Sep.

December 17, 2015: TransCanada files an amended application and cost estimate of $15.7 billion for Energy East.

"TransCanada was forced to make the difficult decision to abandon its project, following years of hard work and millions of dollars in investment", the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association, an industry group, said in a statement to Bloomberg.

"We don't take any joy in whatever decision they chose to take, our concern was always just the drinking water".

"It was pretty clear that there wasn't any way for TransCanada to continue", said Mitchell.

The Conseil du Patronat, Quebec's largest employers' group, expressed its disappointment, saying from day one, this project ran into a brick wall of opposition.