Area mom jailed for not vaccinating 9-year-old son

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But Rebecca Bredow is going to jail anyway because she reneged on a deal with her ex-husband to have their 9-year-old son vaccinated.

An Oakland County judge noted that Rebecca Bredow agreed to the immunization last November.

Bredow was found in contempt of court, and McDonald said the boy would be vaccinated today based on the November 2016 agreement made between the woman and her ex-husband.

Bredow had a week to have the child brought up to date on his vaccines, according to the judge's court order.

Bredow argued her ex-husband, James Horne, had known about her objection to vaccinations for a long time and was making an issue of it now because she'd been trying to collect back child support, the Detroit Free Press reported. I'm a passionate mother who cares deeply about my children, their health and well being. But when she refused to go through with the remaining vaccinations, the couple became embroiled in a court battle, with Horne asking the judge to force the mother-of-two to comply with their agreement.

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"You concurred in an agree request to immunize your tyke, one". "I understand you love your children, but what I don't think you understand is that your son has two parents and dad gets a say".

"I'm gonna stop you because the truth matters", the judge said.

Also, the record, I ask you to audit it and what you recently stated, that he has a freshly discovered protest isn't valid.

Bredow will serve seven days in jail for contempt.

McDonald placed the boy in temporary custody of his dad.