Microsoft Brings Spotify to Groove Music, Discontinues Music Purchases

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You will no longer be able to buy Groove Music passes to stream music, but you will still be able to play local mp3 files and files from OneDrive on the player.

Groove Music was its latest attempt, which replaced the Xbox Music service when it was launched in July 2015.

General Manager of Groove Music, Jerry Johnson said, "The process of moving your music to your Spotify account will take a few minutes".

You can read this detailed Groove Music shutdown FAQ to learn a lot more on the specifics about the service's closure (via WindowsCentral). After that point, those users with any remaining months of paid subscription to the service will be reimbursed. Once signed in you will see a popup about the "important news" above. If you are not, create a Spotify account to continue with the migration.

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Today, in a quite serious blog post, Microsoft officials annouced that Groove Music Pass and it's related services will be discountinued starting October 9, 2017. Before then, you'll be able to use your Groove Music Pass through the end of your subscription. In any case, Pandora does not really contend with administrations like Spotify on the grounds that the previous has still not possessed the capacity to change over its free users into paying ones.

Microsoft's Groove Music has been terminated, with the publishing giant now allying with Spotify instead.

Bowden also questions how, without consumer services, the company expects users to "love Windows". The administration will never again come alive after December 31, 2017.

Microsoft has announced plans to kill its Groove Music service. But Spotify has a neat feature which lets you download all the music in a playlist on your phone for offline playback, even if they are locally stored on your computer. Spotify also offers music fans a personalized music experience with playlists like Discover Weekly and Release Radar, so you can always hear your next favorite song. Playlists that you follow won't be available anymore, and they won't be migrated.