Nintendo Creators Program Restricts Livestreaming

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Although creators will be able to include links in the video's description underneath, disabling Patreon links has become an important form of monetisation for creators and this new rule will create difficulties for new creators who are unable to apply for the YouTube Partners Program.

No doubt these changes were prompted by some high profile YouTube Gaming Live incidents, which Nintendo hopes to avoid being attached to its titles. Video creators under the program Patreon seem most impacted.

Content creators on YouTube have had issues with external links to sites such as Patreon.

"We have updated the Nintendo Creators Program User Guide with how revenue generated during live stream broadcasts on YouTube will be handled in the Nintendo Creators Program", reads an email sent by Nintendo to registered creators. Now, it looks like Nintendo has banned live streaming of any of its games saying that it's no longer covered under its video partnership. While a lot of people were hesitant to comply with the company's weird requirements, it was the only way to make money as a YouTuber who made content using Nintendo games.

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"Or, you can cancel your channel's registration to the Nintendo Creators Program and instead, register your videos containing Nintendo's IP to the program separately".

This might be a frustrating development for any YouTuber's that don't plan on burning bridges anytime soon, but still want to livestream and have their videos monetized in the process. The problem with this is that video creators would have to submit those live streamed videos individually to Nintendo for review and they would have to regain their followers and subscribers all over again. This is most likely in direct response to the recent controversy regarding certain famous influencers like PewDiePie.

Popular YouTube creator Hank Green also announced he would be looking into the matter. Its first suggestion is that streamers do so under a separate account that is not registered to the Creators Program.