Did you pick up the elusive SNES Mini today?

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Old and young heads alike were stoked over news that video game company Nintendo would be dropping the Super Nintendo Classic console earlier this year.

The Super NES Classic Edition has finally been released and people everywhere are still standing in line hoping to get their hands on one.

The SNES Classic is also a miniature version of its namesake, with 21 games pre-loaded onto the console, including Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Not only does it compile some of the greatest games of all-time, but it also has the previously-unreleased Star Fox 2.

After last year's disastrous launch of the NES Classic and the pre-order fiasco of this year's SNES Classic, how the SNES Classic's launch day would pan out was anyone's guess. If you find that you need to reference a manual as you're playing, you can pull up the manuals using a QR code that's hosted on the SNES Classic's menu.

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National retailer Best Buy announced Thursday that its Super NES Classic will go on sale Friday morning, a follow-up to 2016's NES Classic.

It's unclear exactly how many Super NES Classic units Nintendo will put in stores. Nintendo still needs to brush up on its supply chain situation, but reports show things are going well, with many stores across different cities well-stocked with Nintendo's new nostalgia machine. In the USA it will be $79 and in the United Kingdom the SNES Classic price is £69 (although some retailers initially listed it at £79).

The console costs £70 and you can find it here.

The Tracker is alerting its users when the SNES Classic is in stock online at GameStop, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, B&H Photo at this time. The SNES Classic looks and sounds exactly how you remember it, down to the clack of the Reset button when you bat at it out of frustration.