IOS 11 Screen Recording: Here's How To Screen Record From Your iPhone

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Many popular apps stop working if users upgrade their iPhones or iPads to Apple's newly-released iOS 11. Users can determine if their devices support iOS 11 by checking Settings General Software Update. These apps include some Disney products, games such as Enemy Within and Flappy Bird, and even financial service apps from the like of American Express.

Users with an, Office 365, or Exchange 2016 email account may not be able to send emails using the default Mail app in iOS 11.

iOS 11 will work on the iPhone 5s and later. You can change to add and remove toggles and links to apps that are more useful for you. Surprisingly, certain big name apps still haven't been updated to take advantage of the 64-bit architecture.

Of course, it is also expected that every major update comes with bugs.

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But anyone planning to download the software has been advised to do one simple thing in preparation.

One of the coolest features iOS 11 boasts is an all-new maps feature for exploring various locations in places like airports to easily navigate your way to the nearest food court or bar. In India too, now you can pick up your iOS devices, download, and install the latest operating system from Apple. With iOS 11 this is as easy as just selecting the photo and dragging into the desired album. Furthermore, since Apple has dropped support for 32-bit apps completely, therefore users might not find this in good taste at all. To download an app over 150 MB in size, or to download a movie or TV show, you must use a Wi-Fi network.

The screen recording button resembles the capture button on your phone's camera when using it to record video, a filled in circle with a ring around it. No matter what app you have open or what you are doing at the moment, just swipe up and you can access the dock. This method will also work if your iTunes doesn't recognise your device or says it's in recovery mode, if your screen is stuck on the Apple logo for several minutes with no progress bar, and you see the Connect to iTunes screen.