Kingsman 2 could have been split into two movies

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Thanks to the miracle of cutting edge technology - and the bottomless Deco travel budget - Chris has this report from across the pond. Taron Egerton has truly adopted Eggsy's suave and stylish persona; his role this time around calls for a more personal character arc, as Eggsy is forced to balance world-saving responsibilities with a social life that includes a recent marriage. I won't get into specifics for the sake of leaving you unspoiled, but just think about that toy store again.

The Kingsman are back! Still, this fleet-footed, glibly imaginative global romp stays on its toes and keeps its wits about it most of the time, with entertaining and pointedly US -friendly cast additions that should provide an uptick from the $414 million raked in worldwide by Kingsman: "The Secret Service".

Firth's Harry, who supposedly died in the first film, is a welcome return here, as the bond between him, Taron Egerton and Mark Strong is the key emotional draw in this otherwise disappointing sequel.

You can view the full clip below, and tell me what you think of Tatum's accent yourself. This, in turn, forces Eggsy and Merlin (Mark Strong) to travel overseas and find allies in the form of Kingsman's American counterpart, Statesman, whose cover is a Kentucky bourbon distillery headed by characters with names like Champagne (Jeff Bridges), Tequila (Channing Tatum), Whiskey (Pedro Pascal), and Merlin's opposite number Ginger (Halle Berry). Together, they'll battle the Golden Circle, an evil empire lead by Poppy, a sinister villain with a bad case of nostalgia, played by Julianne Moore.

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He said the new film provided "an assault from the very beginning, I can guarantee you". Should this stuff stay in the vault, or do we really need a 3 hour and 40 minute cut of a Kingsman movie? Villainous Julianne Moore is named Poppyin the flick. More than that, it's dispiriting - a too campy, tonally schizophrenic barrage of idiotic plot twists, wasted star cameos, and over-the-top gags that aren't almost as entertaining as their creators think they are. "You want to do something that's different".

Because you can not have Tatum not dance in a movie he is part of. The film continues the themes of the original and doesn't shy away from the intense action, over-the-top violence, and coarse language - even though the first film came under fire for its use of gratuitous and sometimes hugely misogynistic dialogue.

Kingsman: The Secret Service stunned audiences when Colin Firth's Harry Hart was unambiguously killed off before the final act of the film. "He wanted that to be real and that to be the fate of that character".

Matthew Vaughn's latest, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, smashes its way into theaters this weekend.