Hurricane Irma Has Unearthed Some Very Cool Things In Florida

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Hurricane Irma recently caused death and destruction in the Caribbean the US and was billed as one of the strongest Atlantic hurricanes in history.

"They replaced multiple broken poles, mostly in alleys or backyards".

"The biggest concern is folks come down, they rush down and then realize they don't have a home they can live in and now they need a shelter", Monroe County Administrator Roman Gastesi told CNN on Friday.

The Florida Keys have been reopened to allow evacuated residents to see Hurricane Irma caused to their properties and businesses.

"We've got a long road to go, we've got activity that will be occurring here on the recovery side for months", Price said at a news conference. There will also be an additional checkpoint at Mile Marker 47 will control admittance to the Lower Keys and Key West.

Large numbers of people in the badly-damaged Keys are still in the dark, with almost 30 percent of homes and businesses in Monroe County without power.

And some are already questioning why nursing homes aren't among the first facilities to be reconnected to power after a storm.

There is hope that many more people will get their service restored in three days.

Gas prices hit 3-year high last week, drifting lower
The least expensive gas price averages in Georgia were in Augusta-Aiken at $2.62, Columbus at $2.63 and Macon at $2.63. In Lafayette, the low price at the pumps was shared by Costco, Sam's Club and Spirit on Jefferson Boulevard at $2.25.

Officials said there is no functioning hospital to admit patients in the Middle or Lower Keys. The hardest-hit states included Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and SC.

Elected officials, community members, and nursing home and assisted living facility representatives are pulling together to discuss change.

Despite the recent good news, 21 neighborhoods between Key West and Marathon received such extensive damage that they will be blocked to everyone other than residents with proof of identification, police said.

Hurricane Irma is responsible for the deaths of at least 34 people in Florida, but that number will rise.

Of the 685 nursing homes in Florida, 645 have power.

"The numbers are definitely higher (than usual), and we can make a clear connection to Irma on the inhalation and most, if not all, of the heat calls", Clayton said in an email to the newspaper. Florida State Dept of Historical Resources has been notified, they are sending an archaeologist in the morning.

Rick Scott (R) on Saturday announced that he was directing all nursing homes in the state to purchase generators for use during power outages after eight people died at a nursing home following Hurricane Irma. Police have said the deaths are under investigation.