Apple's version of Venmo won't be ready until later this year

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They can now pick up facial expressions and animate Emojis specifically created for the iPhone X using FaceID technology within its' TrueDepth camera. However, regardless of whether you're upgrading your phone or not, you can take advantage of some of iOS' newest features, thanks to iOS 11.

The Photos app has also been improved in the iOS 11. Most will be fine, but you can find out if any of the apps you have installed on iOS 10 won't work before updating.

New file formats for photos and videos are also a part of iOS 11 that promises to take up 50 per cent less storage for the same media files stores on iOS 10. And it continued in June, with new 10.5- and 12.9-inch iPad Pros with high-end screens and powerful specs that make them look and feel a lot more "pro" than they did before. The iPad Mini list includes iPad Mini 4, iPad Mini 3 and iPad Mini 2.

iPod Touch 6th generation. The operating system is announced as compatible with all Apple smartphones from the iPhone 5s onwards, as well as a host of tablets (all models of iPad Air and Pro, the fifth-gen iPad and all iPad mini models from the iPad mini 2), and the sixth generation iPod touch.

Apple's iOS 11 has just dropped. You can simply upload your data to iCloud. So if you press on the photo, it comes to life for a brief moment.

Gruber asserted that there was no mistake in the recent leak, that it was an intentional act of sabotage by a "rogue Apple employee".

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If you have any problems, plug your phone into a computer and use iTunes to install the update. This can also be crucial if none of your backups will restore and you want Apple to help you - with an iTunes backup of your iOS device, Apple's customer support has no way to claim it's a problem with the third-party utility. On the left side, tap your device's icon, then tap the Summary section in the lefthand sidebar. In addition, you'll now have the option to add up to 18 additional controls including the wallet, timer, stopwatch, notes, text size, just to name a few.

Go to Settings - General - Software Update and hit the update button.

If you hate talking to Siri, but you'd still like to ask questions or perform actions using the keyboard, now you can. You'll need about 2GB of free space to download the new OS. But be warned: Thousands of others are thinking the exact same thing. However, if Apple's servers are under heavy load, you could see that wait time crawl up to an hour or two.

Apple's iOS updates are relatively stable now, and since they've been through so many betas there's a limited chance that there will be anything wrong with them, but it's worth backing up all the same.

However, past year when iOS 10 was released some iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners got an incredibly unpleasant surprise.