Barr Backs Sanctions Targeting Banks Doing Business With North Korea

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The Cambodian government has called on North Korea to respect U.N. Security Council resolutions and urged it to cease its nuclear testing program amid fresh sanctions imposed on Pyongyang.

"Let's vent our spite with mobilisation of all retaliation means which have been prepared before now".

The state-run Korean Central News Agency slammed Seoul's agreement with Washington to remove warhead weight limits on South Korean ballistic missiles - which allows the projectiles to fly a farther distance - saying the USA practice of working with the "South Korea puppet army" reminded North Koreans of "a rabid dog startled by a thunder". "Let's reduce the United States mainland into ashes and darkness", it said.

The in a race against time, with North Korea having carried out a string of missile launches in recent weeks and its biggest ever nuclear test.

The South is also upgrading its own interceptors, developing new weapons systems, and training with the prepare for a possible conflict with the North.

"North Korea economic warfare works. Japan is no longer needed to exist near us", KCNA stated.

On August 29 North Korea had fired a missile flying over Japan causing nervousness in Japan's northern Hokkaido island residents.

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North Korea earlier said that it plans to conduct a preliminary survey of its population in October with technical support from the United Nations Population Fund.

The sanctions resolution, adopted in response to the nuclear test this month, was the ninth passed by the Security Council since North Korea's first such test in 2006.

South Korea says the weapon has range of up to 500kms and has stealth capability enabling it to avoid radar detection before hitting North Korean targets.

Kim Jong Un's regime vowed the USA would feel the "greatest pain it has ever experienced in its history" after passing the sanctions. "It's a very reckless choice made by North Korea that is not helpful to North Korea itself or inter-Korean relations and threatens world peace".

"Sanctions against North Korea are likely to fuel their cybercrime activity", said Bryce Boland, Singapore-based chief technology officer with FireEye.

While China's foreign ministry said on Tuesday (link in Chinese) that North Korea had "ignored worldwide opposition and once again conducted a nuclear test, severely violating UN Security Council resolutions", it also repeated its call for a "peaceful resolution" instead of a military response, adding: "China will never allow the peninsula to descend into war and chaos".

China, which introduced new restrictions on North Korean bank accounts in the lead-up to the United Nations decision, remains the country's largest trading partner, importing more than 80 per cent of its exports.