Sony, Panasonic joining choir with 'smart' speakers

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JBL, another Samsung-owned audio brand, has incorporated Google Home into a new series of smart speakers.

Premium home-speaker company Sonos has scheduled a media event for October 4 in New York City, where it is expected to introduce its first speaker with integrated voice controls.

The tech world has gathered in Berlin for Europe's biggest technology trade fair, IFA 2017 - and apart from the usual madness of autonomous moving fridges and robotic laundry machines, the main theme has quickly been established: connected speakers using existing AI voice helpers such as Alexa and Google Assistant. And that's more due to the Japanese OEM's expertise in building top notch audio equipment.

This illustration shows how the Sony LF-S50G smart speaker's driver and subwoofer are configured. You can also check and update your calendar to manage your upcoming appointments, add to your to-do lists, and get general information about the news and weather forecast to help plan the day ahead. Of course, Google Assistant is also capable controlling these features through voice commands, so no matter what method you prefer, you shouldn't have any trouble getting the LF-S50G to do what you want. At the event Sony boasted its LF-S50G for the sound quality, billing it better than Google Home.

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Just as Google teased yesterday, with the notion that more products featuring Google Assistant were on the way, a new smart speaker powered by Google's digital assistant has been announced by Sony at IFA.

It's also the first of its kind to feature gesture control recognitio, which allows the user to begin playing music, skip tracks and adjust the volume by swiping a hand over the top of the device. The LF-S50G is capable of responding to a multitude of voice queries your throw at it. Not much has been explained about the speaker, but in terms of audio prowess, the speaker can supposedly fill an average-sized room, which is hard standard to go by.

Sony's smart speaker, the LF-S50G, will be available in the United Kingdom from November priced at approximately £200. However, it's not something you should go swimming with. Best of all, the LF-S50G can serve as a Bluetooth speaker for your devices with NFC One-Touch pairing, and you can be less anxious of it getting water damage as the speaker is IPX3-rated splashproof, don't go swimming with it though.

This smart speaker can do many things for you, thanks to the Google Assistant.