Frontier's next game is Jurassic World Evolution

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Of course, the game will be based on the Univeral Pictures film franchise and lets gamers create and manage their own Jurassic World theme park.

In true Jurassic Park fashion, the trailer begins with a dinosaur hatching from an egg.

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A project by Frontier Development, the game is apparently coming this Summer and will arrive just in time for the Jurassic World sequel. During today's Xbox gamescom event it was revealed that a Jurassic World game would be coming to the console next year. The first of these was a dino-sized surprise, with Universal Studios announcing Jurassic World Evolution for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

"Jurassic World Evolution evolves players" relationship with the Jurassic World film franchise, placing them in control of operations on the legendary island of Isla Nublar and the surrounding islands of the Muertes Archipelago. With that said, Microsoft and Frontier Developments aren't able to put a definitive date on the game, keeping it with Summer 2018. Jurassic World Evolution is a theme park sim, but instead of ferris wheels you have Triceratops, and instead of worrying about guests getting sick, you have to worry about guests getting eaten by a freaking T-Rex. The official description of the game explains that fans will get to "bioengineer new dinosaur breeds" as well as constructing "attractions, containment and research facilities". The game will adapt to the choices players make, and, as is true with the movies, "spectacular challenges" will arise when "life finds a way".