Marvel's Punisher confronts painful memories in new trailer

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Visually, they belong to different shows, Daredevil enveloped in burning red, Jessica in sharper light, Luke in a nostalgic summer flicker and Iron Fist frowning over oriental flutes and stupid declarations ("We got there just in time to watch him die!").

Alexandra, who is an ancient being currently dying from cancer after several lifetimes' worth of chances to fuck up the world, is now determined to fuck up New York City before she dies.

Are you guys excited for the debut of the show? "Memories, they never hurt me", Castle says in a voice-over.

Of the boys, Charlie Cox's Daredevil is the standout because his backstory continues to be the most engaging and fully formed.

We recommend watching the full season of The Defenders before watching the post-credit scene.

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Alexandra is certainly relishing that power in this trailer as we see her in action meeting the heroes who would oppose her. So we have to be flawless at the same time, so it's time consuming and complicated but a great challenge.

OK, don't panic. Netflix hasn't confirmed The Defenders Season 2 yet. How do you like picking up Matthew from that place and still having those uncertain feelings, and uncertain about his identity and what he should be doing? I don't know that there will be a Defenders #2. But what has been a constant for Matt since the beginning of Daredevil, every time he makes a decision, life throws something in his path that makes him reevaluate. The interesting thing as an actor, for all of us is that we have four characters that have no interest in being a part of the team. As an actor it was really fun to navigate this process that he could accept help and that it would be beneficial.

Marvel's The Defenders follows Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones feels like an essential antidote to counteract the abundance of males whining over their causes. Weirdly, over time there is a lot - they don't know each other, they don't care, and weirdly as the show progress, they find against their will that they like each other, and respect each other and the way they do business is kind of similar. I enjoyed the banter between the characters and, man, that was a great fight scene. At the very least, it will have more fights, more snarky quips, and even more Sigourney Weaver. And if I might give you some advice, the more connections you have, the easier it will be to break you. But to Weaver, Alexandra is just a savvy (if unsavory) businesswoman and the hero of her own story.

The new series clearly took notes from the successes and failures of the standalone series, especially the bumbling Iron Fist and the boring filler scenes that came with giving 13 episodes to the other four shows.