President Trump humiliates CNN's Jim Acosta during presser with a timely blow

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Except he didn't take any questions, instead attempting to bully CNN's White House correspondent, saying, "I like real news, not fake news". President Trump said they finished their press conference and Acosta then asked if he had condemned white supremacists, which was included in Trump's speech.

At a short press event late Monday afternoon, President Donald Trump was asked questions about why he waited until noon Monday to denounce white supremacism.

"They have been condemned", Trump responded, "they have been condemned". "We just had a press conference", Trump said.

ACOSTA: Can we ask you some more questions then, sir? We just had a press conference. "And you're fake news".

ACOSTA: With all due respect - Mr. President haven't you spread a lot of fake news yourself, sir?

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Does Jim Acosta relish in becoming the storyline within the story? Trump failed to call out the white supremacist groups responsible for the unrest, and his "on many sides" comment was criticized for seeming to equate the hate groups with the anti-fascists and Black Lives Matter counter-protesters. They have been condemned. Gloria Borger, first here. "You are fake news".

Trump fired back that he had already held a news conference by issuing a statement on a presidential memorandum he signed.

BORGER: Well, look, I think the President didn't want to talk about it anymore, honestly.

Finally, someone said it to his face! And, you know, I think if you sort of want to take a step back here.