Drunk American tourist's Nazi salute sparks German punch-up

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Police in Dresden, Germany, arrested an American tourist over the weekend for giving the Nazi salute outside a cafe on the streets of downtown.

An inebriated American tourist was beaten up in the German city of Dresden after he repeatedly raised his arm to give the Nazi salute, police said today.

The tourist also had the insignia of "unconstitutional organizations, which includes Nazi symbols".

The tourist was identified only as a 41-year-old American man who was "severely drunk", according to police. At the police station, the man registered a 0.276 percent blood alcohol level.

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Police said the United States national is under investigation for violating German laws prohibiting Nazi symbols and that they are still seeking the passerby for causing personal injury, according to the Associated Press.

He was punched by a passer by, who then fled the scene and is being sought by police for causing bodily harm.

Germany criminal code inflicts heavy punishment against the uses of Nazi symbols and images, and offenders may carry up to three years in prison. Earlier this month, two Chinese tourists were arrested and charged after photographing themselves doing Nazi salutes in front of the Reichstag in Berlin. "Don't do it anywhere in fact".