Solar Eclipse 2017: Glasses Giveaway

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You're seeing the effects of the sun's light 100 or so miles away, where there is only a partial solar eclipse.

If you look at the photo at the top, you can see how the sky is fairly dark around the sun, but brighter off to the side where the eclipse is not total.

If you're looking at a partial eclipse, keep those glasses on.

That shadow will cross Hub Territory at about 1 p.m. August 21. But the eclipse will begin well before it's visible here. There's another good chance to see a total eclipse in Oklahoma on April 8, 2024. That's going to last in this area maybe 1 to 2 minutes. When total eclipse begins in western OR, the partial eclipse will just be starting here in Baltimore.

Aspiring eclipse watchers in northern IL only will be able to see about 87 percent of the sun obscured. "I thought we should definitely participate and make it available to the public to be able to come here and watch it safely". Looking directly at the sun-even when it's partially covered-can cause serious eye damage.

Here's the deal: Glasses that are safe for directly viewing the sun must meet the standard, set by the International Organization for Standardization, and the glasses or viewer will then indicate that they are ISO 12312-2 compliant. The American Astronomical Society recommends buying eclipse glasses from one of the reputed vendors it lists on its website.

Monday, Aug. 21 - Join them for an eclipse viewing event. The only time that it's okay for anybody to view the eclipse without a special lens is when the phase is in its totality.

On Aug. 21 millions of people will look skyward as day turns into night when the first coast-to-coast solar eclipse in almost a century passes over Middle Tennessee.

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A total solar eclipse is where the moon will completely cover the sun. How shadow bands appear vary from eclipse to eclipse, and nobody's quite sure what causes them.

So it's time to rustle up special eclipse eyewear to use August 21, when the USA has its first full solar eclipse spanning coast to coast in 99 years. That eclipse took a somewhat similar path as this month's will, from OR to Florida.

"It's so unsafe for people to look at the sun even for brief periods of time because you can cause permanent damage to the retina - we call it solar retinopathy and it's really very close to burning a hole in the retina", said Dr. Russell Van Gelder with the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

The suitor with a "strong and pure" European heritage said the woman must like cats in order to "experience the totality eclipse" with him, but admitted he hasn't decided on an exact location yet. The next solar eclipse in Kansas will be in 2045, according to local officials.

What happens if you view the eclipse without protection?

By now, we've all heard plenty about the upcoming eclipse of the sun. "The temperature could also actually decrease a few degrees during the eclipse in areas of totality and [places] close like we are", KIRO 7 PinPoint Meteorologist Morgan Palmer said.

If you ask Brandon Lawton, an outreach astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute, we are lucky to live on a planet where such dramatic eclipses are possible at all, though.

It will look like a typical overcast, dark kind of a day. Without that, eclipses wouldn't be almost as dramatic, if possible at all.