SJCOE to Livestream 2017 Solar Eclipse

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For a few minutes on August 21, the moon will orbit perfectly between the earth and the sun causing total darkness to fall over 14 states, while others outside the path of the total eclipse will see a partial solar eclipse.

People in a path running from northwest to southeast from Washington state through Nebraska and eventually SC will see a total eclipse lasting two to three minutes.

Contrast that to the 21 century, when we'll see six widely visible total solar eclipses starting this year and ending in 2099. As the moon passes by the sun, the moon completely blocks the sunlight in an area of total eclipse and blocks a portion of the sun's light in areas of partial eclipse. There is a narrow band, which extends from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina, where observers will experience a total eclipse.

One orbit later, the station will cross the path of the eclipse in the extreme northwest following a trajectory that will carry the lab over central Canada on the way to the North Atlantic.

The Nashville Italian Lights Festival will turn its focus to the sky on August 21 for the epic solar eclipse.

While the Sun is the most commanding element of an eclipse, do not forget to look around you.

"Knowing we only had 23 seconds, we knew the majority of people who were coming were looking for longer totality places first", Yang said on Monday.

Wilson said amateurs could time the eclipse's phases; photograph the corona and measure its spectrum; observe its effect on magnetic and wireless instruments; observe the shadow bands created; and even take "moving pictures" of the celestial event, among other suggestions.

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He says this time around, he'll watch the eclipse on TV.

Here's a list of libraries that are giving away the glasses.

"The eclipse turns off the ionosphere's source of high-energy radiation", said Bob Marshall, a space scientist at University of Colorado Boulder and principal investigator for one of the studies. But Carbondale will see its second total solar eclipse in April 2024. You know how when you look at the bottom of a pool and you see wavy lines? Upload your eclipse images to NASA's Eclipse Flickr Gallery and relive the eclipse through other peoples' images.

Think you can get by without those amusing looking eclipse glasses?

My reason for traveling to see the total eclipse may be different from yours. With your back to the sun, look at your hands' shadow on the ground. Even though folks know that a total solar eclipse is happening, the experience can be awe-inspiring, beautiful, even eerie and unsettling.

If we get a new moon every month, why don't we have a solar eclipse every month?

For DSLR cameras, the best way to determine the correct exposure is to test settings on the uneclipsed Sun beforehand. They usually consist of cardboard frames (more expensive ones are made of sturdier plastic) that hold a Mylar or, more typically, black polymer material that filters out harmful solar rays.