NASA to study Earth's ionosphere during total solar eclipse

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Remember, you can not substitute sunglasses for solar viewing glasses and if you look directly at the eclipse with your naked eyes, you may cause serious eye damage.

He recommends hitting the road early and packing all the essentials: including extra food, water, gas, and "everything you're going to need", Jarvis says.

To test your viewer, take it outside on a sunny day and hold the shoe box so that it lines up with its own shadow, aligning with light from the sun. Both sizes vary a bit, since neither the moon's orbit nor the Earth's orbit are perfectly circular, so their distances change.

Those in Kelowna looking for a dose of education during the upcoming solar eclipse are in luck.

China Investigating Top Domestic Social Media Sites
The companies did not immediately respond to emails and phone calls seeking comment on the probe. While Weibo and Baidu are based in Beijing, Tencent is based in Shenzhen.

The next total solar eclipse coming to North America is April 8, 2024. The eclipse will certainly be noticeable, but no place in IN will experience totality this eclipse. According to the site the peak of the eclipse for Bakersfield will happen at 10:20 a.m. with the moon covering a big chunk of the sun, but there will still be a large sliver of sunlight visible on the right side of the star. A total solar eclipse happens when the entire disc of the sun is covered by the moon, revealing the sun's outer and inner atmosphere (corona) that normally can not be observed or studied without sophisticated instruments at a few solar research agencies. The deepest part of the eclipse will be at 2:25 p.m. when just shy of 90 percent of the sun will be covered by the moon. This phenomenon, which is caused by the moon's passing directly between the earth and the sun, will indeed reduce solar energy production in parts of the United States for about three hours. A top priority is making sure that people know how to safely view the eclipse.

"We will also have telescopes set up with filters so people can look at it", said Huston. If no filters are available, it is best to use a pinhole camera to project the eclipse indirectly. While it's unlikely that your dog or cat will have a remarkable reaction to the Great American Eclipse, pet lovers might enjoy observing how animals in the wild or even the neighborhood do unusual things.

To remedy the dearth of research, the academy created a "Life Responds" project where citizens all over the world download the iNaturalist app from Apple or Android platforms and document the plant and animal reactions they see during the eclipse. So for an eclipse to occur, the moon must land on a specific point where the moon's orbit intersects the earth's orbit. NEVER look at a partial solar eclipse without proper eye protection.