Microsoft Will "Fundamentally Change" Xbox Achievements

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While the Gamerscore system introduced alongside the Xbox 360 has proven tremendously popular over the years, its simplicity often works to its detriment. Xbox also warns Delta ring members that while everyone will eventually get the update before those in Omega, or before the pubic for that matter, not everyone will get it at the same time.

Microsoft explained in a blog post that it's "simplifying entry" for the program, allowing those specifically interested a chance to test updates. As such, Xbox Achievements will likely be getting revamped in a way that "fundamentally changes the concept" of the system.

Microsoft has promised to make fundamental changes to the way Achievements work on Xbox One.

The idea is certainly interesting, and it's about time someone looked at how achievements can better fit into today's games. The rings will enable some flexibility in receiving updates as well. Another system is simply being developed to complement that feature.

On the Xbox One console, we've created a special section of the Store called Creators Collection, so that your game can be easily discovered by people looking for something new.

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The new Delta group is open to any Xbox Insider with a tenure of one or more months that has reached Xbox Insider Level 2 or higher.

For those who no longer have a console enrolled, or haven't provided feedback in the past 90 days, your ability to access Alpha Preview builds may have been removed.

As we said earlier, the Xbox Insider Team is working closely with multiple 1 party and 3 party game studios to bring you playtests of unreleased games.

Independent game designers can now upload their creations directly on Xbox One and Windows 10. "Significant Xbox Insider XP gains" must also have been made, although it's unclear exactly how much is required to qualify.

One downside to these games is that they won't contain online multiplayer or Achievements, as those features could impede on the ecosystem that Microsoft oversees with anything on its platforms.