Spidey-Style! BoxLunch's New Spider-Man: Homecoming Inspired Collection

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Peter Parker (Tom Holland), having been brought into the Avengers, is eager to engage in more serious superhero work and break out of the friendly neighborhood persona.

In addition to featuring storylines inspired from the comic-books rather than retreading them, the devs also highlight that the game will focus on the duality of Spider-Man's life - trying to manage his personal life as Peter Parker and being the superhero that NY needs.

Ironically, had Peter faced the public, it would have perfectly mirrored the Civil War storyline from the comic books.

What makes Homecoming stand out from its fellow Spider-Man adaptations is its balanced portrayal of its central lead: Peter Parker/Spider-Man. And he decides not to do it and walks away.

Concept artist Ryan Meinerding has revealed a piece he worked up during the development of Spider-Man: Homecoming that drew quite a lot of inspiration from the suit featured in the Superior Spider-Man comic run that found Otto Octavius' consciousness taking over Peter Parker's body.

Spider-Man will be slinging his way into Pizza Hut, across Dell and Panasonic in a brand campaign celebrating the release of the hero's upcoming movie.

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Instead, Sony simply pumped up the PS2's "movie-quality 3D graphics" in its press release introducing the console to the world. However, this will be compensated by having richer gameplay for each individual world.

Also, if you remember back to the start of the MCU with Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark announced that he was Iron Man at a similar press conference. If Homecoming had replicated such a move, it could've felt a bit like a case of "been there, done that".

The company division has made some buzzworthy announcements, blockbuster presentations and released well-received titles over the past year, from Square Enix's The Avengers Project to Insomniac Games' Spider-Man and Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy.

A possible Superior Spider-Man costume wasn't the only thing that could have been different in Homecoming.

If Donald Glover can appear in Star Wars and a Spider-Man movie, Hamill at least stands a chance of landing a role in the sequel.

Which "Homecoming" ending would you prefer?