Legendary Pokemon are finally coming to Pokemon Go this weekend

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This secret update to Pokemon Go has yet to be revealed by Niantic, but many believe that Pokemon Go Fest will be the start of Legendary introductions. More signs suggest that these rare Pokemon are coming to the game a lot sooner than what fans might expect.

Trainers will now be able to spin the Photo Disc at a Gym after finishing a Raid Battle or send berries to their Pokemon defending Gyms through the Pokemon info screen, when they are far away.

Pokemon GO Fest lasts from 1o:00 AM CT to 7:00 PM CT, and those at home can watch the event through the game's Twitch channel during those times to catch the live stream. Two days ago, the editors were talking about Pokemon Go and a new accessory for the Pokemon Go Plus. The studio provided some details on how the feature will play out in-game. It does seem, however, that you have to use a special Raid Pass for legendary raids.

It's great to see team battles, raids, Gen 2 Pokemon and, finally, Legendary pocket monsters make their way to Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Fest is about to kick off on July 22, 2017, at various locations across the globe.

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The first battle against the Legendary Pokemon will involve players from all over the world, as whist the Pokemon Go Fest is going on at Grant Park in Chicago, across the rest of the world, Challenge Windows will be available that allow players to unlock in-game bonuses and also increase the chances of a Legendary Pokemon to appear at Pokemon Go Fest.

It seems likely that the new challenges set out by Niantic will likely lead to the game's first Legendary Raid.

And if that gets completed successfully, a Global Rewards phase will become available to all the next day.

As previously leaked via datamines, Legendary Pokemon will have special Raid Eggs to differentiate them from normal Raids.