Instructor says BYU-Idaho fired her for a Facebook post

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Ruthie Robertson, an adjunct political science professor at Brigham Young University-Idaho, was sacked after she wrote a Facebook post supporting equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons, and criticizing Mormon church policy that declares people in same-sex relationships apostates.

In the post, she also expressed her distaste for the strict and segregated practices of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, where she is now a member.

She said she could not renounce or take back her views, because she wanted her LGBT friends to know they had her support. This organization has openly and forcefully opposed same-sex relationships and legalized same-sex marriage. "For me, this is just my personal opinion, this is my personal view, this is my personal private Facebook", Robertson said. "Church history shows that the church has rescinded policies before that weren't doctrinal, and that weren't inspired by the Lord". "I will always and forever stand up for the equality of the LGBT community", she concluded.

However, one of her followers came across the post and reported it to her employer at some point that same day.

Robertson, a lifelong Mormon and BYUI alum, added that the LDS Church has changed policies on other issues, so she hopes it will someday change its approach to LGBT people.

BYU-Idaho told the station that university policy prohibits public comment on personnel issues, but the school's website still shows Robertson teaching global politics through 2018.

Robertson says administration told her she was violating the faculty handbook. They pushed members in California to fight against Prop 8, and had a policy claiming that same-sex relationships were a sin and discouraged individuals from participating in them, ' the post read.

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"That night I got a call that I had been reported to my department head and the president of the college", Robertson said.

Before the Facebook post, she had been contracted to teach classes this fall, and she believed she would be contracted in the winter of 2018 as well. She said she didn't discuss religious doctrine in the classroom.

She said no other issues were raised in her meetings with university officials.

"I will never support the phrase "love the sinner, hate the sin" because that "sin" is part of who that person is", she continued, according to local news station KUTV.

"A large majority of the school is in disagreement with this policy", she said.

She felt the options she had were: take it down and keep her job or keep it up and be fired.