Clinton less popular than Trump

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The former secretary of state notched a 39 percent favorable rating, 2 points lower than Trump, in Bloomberg's National Poll results released Tuesday, the second-worst score for Clinton in the nearly eight years the poll has followed her.

The figure was Clinton's second-lowest score since Bloomberg began tracking the former presidential candidate in 2009.

"There's growing discontent with Hillary Clinton even as she has largely stayed out of the spotlight", said J. Ann Selzer, who oversaw the Bloomberg survey. And over a fifth of her own 2016 voters view her unfavorably.

Bloomberg's last poll was taken prior to the election and it revealed that a small 8 percent of those likely to vote for Clinton had an unfavorable view of her.

For Donald Trump to beat Hillary Clinton in a popularity poll comes as a big surprise with the Russian scandal looming over his administration.

Some respondents said that they wished Senator Bernie Sanders had secured the Democratic nomination, and that they backed the former NY senator only because she wasn't Trump.

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Selzer adds that the poor numbers, however, don't reflect negatively on the party as a whole - other Democrats are polling well.

Chris Leininger, a 29-year-old insurance agent from California, said Clinton is "hard to like" and noted that she thought Sanders had a better story to tell voters.

"I felt like there was a smugness and that she was just a politician who was called a Democrat, but could have been a Republican", said poll participant Robert Taylor, 46, a second-grade teacher from suburban Chicago who voted for Clinton, but would have preferred Sanders as the Democratic nominee. Just when you thought no one could possibly be any worse off than Trump in terms of public opinion, it's revealed that his former Democratic rival has him beat.

Obama's vice president, Joe Biden, is also enjoying high favorability, at about 60 percent.

The poll was conducted July 8-12 among 1,001 American adults.