Mind-Blowing Emoji Facts in Honor of World Emoji Day

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Additional countries showed enthusiastic support by echoing the effort, with their own emojis participating in similarly themed celebrations; it is estimated that more than 1,000 emojis not associated with the record were in the mix throughout Europe, Asia and South America. From food, transportation, an assortment of wild and domesticated animals to social platforms, weather and many emoji's are available.

The Emoji Movie arrives in cinemas on 4th August.

For World Emoji Day, July 17, Booking.com has set up a petition to Unicode, which approves the famous yellow faces that let mobile users symbolize their emotions.

Sony Pictures' upcoming blockbuster, the Emoji Movie, has broken records before it has even been released as the studio assembled the largest ever group of people dressed as emoji across multiple cities.

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Emoji expert, Vyv Evans, added: "Emoji is the world's only truly global form of communication so today's fantastically worldwide Guinness World Record attempt has been a wonderful way to celebrate this".

Jack Brockbank, Guinness World Records Adjudicator, added, "We are incredibly impressed by the level of coordination and timing required to pull off this global record attempt - and it all happened simultaneously!"

Although the movies aren't for sale or changed in any way other than emoji banners, it's still a fun way to try to guess the movie based exclusively on emojis. Ricky Gervais, Patrick Stewart, Anna Faris, Christina Aguilera and T.J Miller will all lend their voices and keep us entertained!